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Quality Central Heating Systems

Of course, the central heating system plays a very important role in your home as it supplies you with the heat and hot water and makes your life really comfortable. There is no better place to buy a reliable central heating system in London than Culm Stores. Culm Stores is an official distributor of the Elterm company, a reliable Polish manufacturer. Our online store provides the best choice of central heating systems, electrical boilers, low-loss headers and many other heating accessories. Incredible level of quality is a distinctive feature of all our products.

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Our most highly valued products/services are:

  • boiler for central heating
  • central heating systems London
  • chemical dosing pots
  • low loss header
  • electric boilers for home heating
  • electric central heating systems
  • electric combi boilers for flats
  • electric flow boiler
Clum Stores Distribution Elterm Ltd